Monday, November 19, 2007

holiday traditions

(sorry hubs--i know you said to rest but i have these thoughts to get out before i do)

what are your holiday traditions? please share.

here are some of ours:

now (w/ hubs and kids)
we make a decorate sugar cookies; we hide a pickle ornament in the tree (it's a german thing where you hang a pickle ornament in the tree on christmas eve and the one that finds it christmas morning gets an extra little present); when the kids were toddlers we started buying advent calendars for them (another german thing) and we've also started doing it for the niece and nephews; the kids usually get to open two presents from us on christmas eve--pajamas and a book; we've had a christmas party for i think about four years now, nope actually i think it's five? really? wow. (please confirm for those of you who've been to all of them); we watch the bass & rankin classics; we go to tanglewood to see the lights (well, not every single year but most); the kids and i often make something (ornaments); we share the memories and stories that belong to each of our special ornaments.

then (when i was a kid)
my dad painted our windows w/ holiday scenes; we decorated cookies; we listened to christmas music (most of which i still love and play thanks to some cds my brother made of my parent's records a few years ago); we watched bass & rankin classics; my mom made russian tea cookies and we'd make fudge and potato candy.


Mrs. A. said...

We hide a pickle in our tree every year too -- have been doing this since the older boys were in grade school; in fact, one of them made it out of green clay and every year he hides it and whoever finds it first on Christmas morning gets to open a present first.

The past few years we've always let the "baby" of the family "find" it, which is kind of a tradition in itself.

We also do the Christmas cookies, and no matter what, we always have to have cut-out cookies that are frosted & decorated.

And we're Christmas morning gift openers -- never on Christmas Eve (even though I grew up doing the Christmas Eve present opening).

Creative Kerfuffle said...

ah the present opening---i grew up doing both (one set of grandparents did eve one did morn so when we weren't home for christmas we opened gifts from everyone else on eve and "santa" on morn). the hubs grew up w/ gifts in the morn. we now do family gifts on eve (last several years it's been everyone at our house) and then gifts from santa and ours to each other on morn.