Tuesday, November 27, 2007

another meme

memes, quizzes, whatever, i can't get enough of these. i love reading other people's responses but i also love writing mine--how vain is that? ; )

The best thing you cooked last week?
i suck at cooking so i'd have to say the pineapple casserole i made for thanksgiving. not even my recipe but it seems pineapple, crackers, butter and cheese aren't bad together.

If money, time and babysitting were no object, where would you go and with who?
mmmm, i think the hubs and i would go to the beach for a weekend, even in the winter.

Five things you were doing ten years ago
wow--10 years ago we would be getting ready to celebrate the girl's first christmas (sniff sniff) and still dealing w/ all of her health issues
i think i was still working in the marketing department of a furniture company and hating it
we were still living in the trailer and hadn't yet realized how incredibly small it was
dreading turning 30
probably wondering how we were going to make ends meet (not that we don't have rough times now, but wow, 10 years ago was sad)

Five things on your to do list today
line up speakers
line up panelists
phone interview
pay for boy scout popcorn (frankly, it's a rip off that shit is expensive; girl scout cookies are much better)
pay bills
return my mom's call before her 8pm bedtime

Five favorite snacks
depends on my mental state : )
something on a cracker
chips and queso dip (sp?)

Five bad habits
smoking : (
i'm sure there are more just can't think of them right now

more to come.

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