Tuesday, November 20, 2007


is that a whining sound? if so then that's me today.

i have an appt. on the 30th with an orthopedist (is that the right thing?) to find out more about the shoulder/arm appendage that i wish i could cut off. as much as i loathe taking the vickies i'm thinking i might need to call the doc to get a refill cos what i have left will not hold me over until the 30th appt.

i think i'm getting a cold or possibly what the girl has. her cough still lingers. i can't decide if it's allergies or a cold. my stupid insurance stopped covering my allegra d (how can they just do that??) so i'm taking regular allegra and some nasal spray that tastes like vomit. it's either allergies or sleeping outside in below 40 degree frost weather--take your pick.

the hubs was out of town again last night and is home (though it's scout night so he and the boy are at scouts) tonight. he's wiped out, also sounding like he's getting a cold AND when i picked the kids up from daycare i noticed the girl's face was red. she has some sort of rash----all over her body. wtf? by power of deduction i'm thinking her rash is either a t-shirt she got and wore at daycare yesterday or the new shirt she wore today. she's not allergic to any foods, hasn't eaten anything odd and i haven't changed any soaps, lotions, detergents. i gave her benadryl and made her take a bath then i slathered lotion all over her. (this also gave me a chance to nonchalantly observe her breasts. ok, if you aren't a mom this probably sounds weird, but my first born baby is getting boobs and i am so proud (like i made them myself) and it's such a milestone and everything looks perfectly normal.)

oh, and yeah me i'm not pregnant--not that i thought i was cos we took care of that when the boy was born--but i started today. talk about an overall crappy, suck ass day. i know i've said it before but why oh why if you aren't going to have any more babies, why can't you just stop having a period? aside from the usual crappiness (fyi, crappiness is not a word) of it all i also have at least one day of wanting to act like a baby and cry over every last thing and be taken care of and fawned over and pampered and coddled and i typically hate all of my clothes and change them several times each morning. i hate periods.

waaaaaa. i just want to curl up on the couch with the hubs, watch west wing, eat some hot fudge on something chocolate and be petted. do you ever get that feeling? waaaaa

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Mrs. A. said...

Really? Crappiness isn't a word? I use it all the time, it's so useful in so many instances. (Plus, as an English major, how did I not know this)?

Yes, when the last kid is born, the periods, they should just dry up. Because they suck.
So does being sick, so I hope whatever you all have goes away quickly.

And, my god CK, how are you able to post so much? Every time I check here you have a new postup. So impressive :)