Thursday, November 8, 2007

sweet mother of pearl

don't worry this isn't a post about sweet mothers or pearls, i just like saying it. i told another friend about my blog today and low and behold she's already joined the comment train : )

spanx is a co-worker and someone i've found i've connected with quite nicely. it's so weird because every once in awhile i'll debate about telling someone about my dirty little blog secret and then rarely do. this morning i thought about telling spanx about it and then, totally out of the blue, she struck up a bra conversation (i'd already written the bra post) and i took that as a sign.

following up on the bra thing. i went out at lunch and tried some on. stupid, stupid move. though my arm wasn't feeling any differently, after trying on about 10 bras it started throbbing. i'm thinking amputation might be in order. so the arm is still not feeling great, i'm sure typing doesn't help, but i did find two bras. a pink one and a blue one.

non sequitor: sometimes i look around me at the great friends i have and it just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. though i have both male and female friends, this particular thought is directed at the women. the girl friends i have that i'm especially attached to all have two things in common--they're incredibly smart and they have uncanny senses of humor, though different among them. i don't know if everyone does this, and i certainly didn't consciously do it, but each of my friends is like an extension of a part of my personality in one way or another. very interesting to think about. i don't think guys bond with other guys like girls do. they seriously don't know what they're missing out on. i love my friends!

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