Tuesday, November 13, 2007

bring in the gimp

i'm going to have an mri tomorrow to find out what the hell is wrong with my arm. of course the morbid side of my brain assumes the worst. permanent, un-fixable nerve damage. they'll have to amputate or i'll just have a lifeless limb hanging on. i'm sure it's nothing.

i've been visiting other blogs and leaving comments thanks to this post a day thing.

i made swedish meatballs for dinner tonight--they weren't half bad actually. the boy didn't like them, but then my kids are extremely picky.

the hubs and the boy are at scouts, the girl and i are vegging out. we've both been in our pjs all day : )

the sil finds out what puddin is tomorrow around 3:30. i told my bro i better get a call by about 4 or i'll be pissed : )

the boy has been invited to go see the wizard of oz play w/ a friend friday night. i think he'll have a good time. i'd like to go myself.

saturday we go camping w/ the boy scouts. i'm looking forward to it but think it's going to be cold as hell at night.

two things---the poll is done. looks like some people are interested in what the ex is up to, some aren't. i'm putting up a new one now. the hubs and i have been discussing the girl and her growing up and blah blah blah and i'm wondering about makeup--so this post is for girls, uh, unless you're a guy who likes to wear makeup and that's perfectly fine too.

second thing--looking around blogs i found this widget thing that analyzes your blog for it's content. so at least i'm sort of on a college level. yeah, right.


Anonymous said...

It is way to cold to go camping now! Take layers.
Also, I might need more than 30 mins. to call you about puddin....

guinea pig said...

I honestly don't remember about makeup, but i doubt i wore much of anything until high school and even then not much. i was pretty low maintenance back then.