Tuesday, November 6, 2007

valley of the dolls

isn't that the book about pill poppers? ok so i went to the doc and she's given me an anti-inflammatory and vicodin. i say vicodin (which i've never taken) and every gets excited or cautions me about getting addicted. so, i'm scared and intrigued : )

i also got a buttload of x-rays and may have to get an mri. nice.

waiting in the doctor's office i read a few things. i never have time to leisurely read magazines. i read a smithsonian from 2004--apparently there is a certain type of south american wood (the name escapes me now) from which violins and their bows are made and this wood is becoming scarce and musicians are in a dither about where their next violin will come from. who knew?

this guy, aaron huey, walked across the country, don't know when, last year? a year ago? anyway he's a photographer and just took off one day ala john steinbeck. what an incredibly cool thing to do. he published a book about it, american oceans, and now i want to read that.

oh, and there's an approved sequel to gone with the wind out now, rhett butler's people. you can bet your ass i want to read this!

so the poll has closed and apparently we're all a bunch of vampires : ) the necks won. the new poll is up, suggested by a constant reader, not mine own idea.

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