Sunday, November 4, 2007

gone with the wind

we watched gone with the wind last night. i've seen this movie about a billion times and have read the book several times too. it really is quite awesome in both media. ashley wilkes is a pussy and i could never understand what scarlett saw in him. he strung her along, gave her false hope for years and always let her down. stupid wuss. plus, leslie howard, the guy who played him, had an english accent or something, totally unbelievable as a southerner. he was just a spoiled, foppish wuss.

then there's rhett butler. yum. he was the bad boy, renegade but filled with honor and heart. the first time he was about to kiss her he didn't and said--you should be kissed, and often and by someone who knows how. hell yeah.
though i didn't cry last night i most always do when i watch or read gone with the wind. despite scarlett's self-centeredness and vanity she's an incredibly strong woman. katherine hepburn tried out for that role, and as much as i love kate, i don't really think she could have pulled it off.

non sequitor: today we chilled out, went to target and that's pretty much it. on the way to target there were people outside of petco with miniature horses. a man and woman were standing there with three horses, the woman was smoking. the boy said, well that's stupid, why is she standing there smoking weed with a horse. that horse could jump up in her face and swallow that cigarette and then get diabetes or something. wtf do you even say to THAT? i did explain to him that weed was marijuana not a cigarette.

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