Tuesday, November 6, 2007

kama sutra

on the history channel tonight: kama sutra. wow, who knew it wasn't just a sex manual; i had no idea. i wasn't looking for this on tv, just flipping through channels. we'd started watching mask (remember that movie w/ cher and that hot sam guy--can't think of his name) and then got off on something else the weird food show where the guy travels the world eating the grossest things.

ok the vicodin is fine but i'm not really sure what all the hoopla is about.

the girl kicked my ass at uno about four times this evening while the boys were at scouts.

i think i'm addicted to cross word puzzles.

sometime next week i will find out if puddin is a boy or a girl (my fingers are crossed for a girl).

has leonard nemoy always been the narrator in any documentary type of tv show? remember when he used to do in search of? i loved that show. i believe in ufs, yeti's, big foot and the loch ness monster because of leonard nemoy. i also used to love mutual of omaha's wild kingdom. that show kicked ass. or the undersea world with jacques cousteau.

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