Friday, November 9, 2007

five for friday #2

five good things

1. opus--i discovered bloom county in high school and became instantly smitten. i have all the books i think. i have stuffed opus' in the attic. i began loving penguins because of this. i think a bit of my sense of humor also was influenced by this. also, the summer i was a girl scout camp counselor in the blistering heat of texas, opus was my camp name : )

2. Rapper's Delight from the Sugarhill Gang--my first exposure to rap, i was about 11 i think. my cousin got the album and we listened to it over and over again.

3. edamame--good tasting and good for you. i'm having some for breakfast right now.

4. my super smart, funny kids who are being honored for their good grades etc. at school tonight (not just them but still).

5. flannel sheets

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