Monday, November 26, 2007

random stuff

it's a gloomy monday (though i won't curse the rain cos we really need it) back at work after a four day respite. ho hum i feel like eeyore today.

a few things to catch up on. my FIL is in the hospital. the hubs got the call saturday morning. initially they thought it was pneumonia but turns out it's congestive heart failure. he's been diagnosed with this before, it's still in stage one. he also has an aneurysm. they're trying to figure out what to do about that. it's hard because he's in OK and we're in NC. they holidays already are difficult for the hubs since his mom died a couple of years ago. i know that now with his dad in the hospital all sorts of bad thoughts are running through his head. i feel hopeless as to what to do for him though.

the computer at home is fucked up. well, it works but the display is all screwy. i have no idea what's wrong with it. everything is pixelated and large, something about a visual driver. sometimes i really hate computers.

the boy pampered me saturday night. it was so sweet. the girl and i were sitting in the den watching a movie and he just came up and sat down beside me and started twirling my hair. (i'm a sucker for having my hair played with/brushed/etc.) anyway, he'd sit there for awhile and brush my hair (no easy task since it's so curly) then he'd trot off to the living room to watch his program. back and forth for about an hour. he brushed it until it was pretty straight. he likes it better straight, he's done this before. then he rubbed my back (ok, not like he can give a power massage at 8 yrs old, but it was nice), scratched my back, rubbed my feet and hands. brushed my hair some more. it was so sweet, so relaxing and so out of the blue.

the four days off were pretty good. i wasn't immersed too much in the extended family business and got to relax with the hubs and kids. i got a lot of lap time--cuddling with the kids. i love when they sit with me or on my lap. i soak all of that up that i can because i know before too long they won't do that anymore. the boy still occasionally comes and gets in bed with us, usually early in the morning either right before or right as my alarm is going off. he used to do this every night about an hour after we went to bed. now it's more like once every couple of weeks or so. the girl does this about once every 6-7 months but she never did it as frequently as the boy. even though they're 10 and 8 there is still something so precious and fulfilling about sleeping with them or holding them.

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