Monday, November 12, 2007

clothes horse...

i am not. today i brought out the fall/winter clothes and put the others away. looking at your clothes season to season is pretty interesting, at least i think so. last year when i put the winter clothes away i think i finally threw out some clothes that should have gone away years ago. i missed seeing them this year--the black and white faux hounds tooth pull-on pants that i wore so often. gone. i did bring out my tried and true black cords that i've worn for about 10 years. i wore them once this season already, they're going to goodwill. they look incredibly hideous on me and no one ever told me. pants are hard for me to wear. they're either too big or too tight and it's hard to find a pair that's just right. this leaves skirts. ok, i can do skirts but in the winter they're a bitch. tights are almost too much and that leaves socks/trouser socks w/ long skirts. then what about shoes? i hate fucking clothes.

i took the kids shopping for their winter coats and a few other things then we came home and made cookies and played uno.

i also did an ass-load of laundry. i hate laundry because it never ever ends. it's not like you get a day that something doesn't get dirty. it drives me crazy. also, i have a family that could give a shit less about the laundry. take something out of the closet or drawer, put it on, don't like it, throw it on the flow so then it automatically ends up in the dirty clothes. i just washed the boys swim trunks and i know for a fact he hasn't worn them in two months.

how old do kids have to be to start washing their own clothes?


Anonymous said...

Until I went away for six weeks one summer in high school and had to do my own laundry, I used a new towel or two (hair) each day. My poor Mom and Grandmother had all that excess laundry to do all those years.

What would happen if you stopped doing the kids' laundry until they learned not to throw clean stuff on the floor?

Sweet "one towel a week, now" T

guinea pig said...

i remember the houndstooth pants. they're gone? it is hard to give up clothes. i usually only do it if:
1) they are too big or too small
2) they have ripped or worn through--something beyond repairing or
3) i haven't worn them in at least a year

and since i have to move clothes seasonally from the attic to my closet, it does make you more aware of stuff.

Creative Kerfuffle said...

sweet t--if i stopped doing laundry i think, at this point, they'd just wear dirty clothes and not give another thought to it. neither of the kids are especially concerned with how they look.

gp--yep, the clothes i've gotten rid of have been too big or too ugly. i look at some and wonder what the hell i was thinking of wearing them and why no body said anything! LOL

guinea pig said...

well congrats on them being too big. that rocks.

btw - i started doing my own laundry by middle school. if not a bit sooner.

talked to donut, had lunch with sunshine. we REALLY need to see if we can convene soon . . .