Friday, November 16, 2007

a victory for journalism

today i had an unexpected, unsolicited victory for journalism that actually made me like my job for a change.

it was unintentional, making it all the more sweet.

long story short there was an advertiser that practically demanded i remove a story from our web site because it was negative (though factual). i tried to work w/ him, encouraged him to give me the "correct" information (his side of the story) etc. and no, he just wanted it down.

he spoke to my publisher (sorry big t, i know you're friends) who also thought i should take it down. it was not an antagonistic situation between she and i, i just didn't agree. she talked to the big boss and he sided w/ her. i talked to my boss and expressed my frustration over the principle of the thing (he talked a big game and made me feel better but in the end he did nothing). today i talked to the big boss, not to persuade him, because honestly i would have no reason on earth to think i could, but i couldn't not tell him i disagreed and thought it was leading us down a slippery slope and would compromise our integrity. i must have been persuasive. that and i don't think the big boss thought it was that big of a deal one way or the other.

so journalism won out over advertising today and i feel all the better for it.


guinea pig said...

yeah journalism!!!! congrats. i know that must feel satisfying.

guinea pig said...

ps do you realize what time you posted this??? go to sleep!!!!

Creative Kerfuffle said...

it was quite a rush i must say. as for the lateness of the post, don't know what to say. sometimes the vickies totally knock me out and other times it's like i'm wired for sound. i will be glad to have this shoulder thing over with and be pain free. it's wreaking havoc on my nightlife.