Wednesday, November 14, 2007

puddin time

puddin is a girl : ) yes, my baby brother (uh, he's 33 and almost, if not 6 ft tall) and my sil are having a girl. I AM SO EXCITED! i can't wait. omg this is going to be awesome!!! when they told my nephew, who's six, they were having a girl he said, girls freak me out. lol. priceless. wow. ok, i'm just so excited. i know my sil was hoping to be able to use some of her stuff from the nephew, but wow, we get to shop for girl baby stuff now!

i had my mri today. no results yet. my arm is really hurting like a muther fucker most of the day now. typing isn't as pleasurable. frankly, it's hard to concentrate on much of anything for any length of time. i'm a wuss i know. i don't handle pain well. i've had two c-sections and my gall bladder removed yet still, i suck at handling pain.

the mri was not something i'd like to do again anytime soon. i was in the tube up to my waist for what seemed like hours; it was 15 mins. they give you a button to push if you need to get out. i was five minutes away from pushing it when they brought me out. when they were putting me in the guy said close your eyes. good thing. i opened them twice while i was in there and nearly sent myself into a panic attack. the top of the tube is maybe 2 inches away from your face. i started feeling like i couldn't breathe, though i kept telling myself i could. people say the noises bother them, it's quite loud, but they proved a distraction for me. i concentrated on them instead of the fact that i felt like i was buried alive. one of the noises sounded like a heartbeat, another sounded like crickets. ok, arm hurting now. going to feed the children and take some vicki.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to the Bro and SIL!

Hope they figure out what's wrong with the arm soon!!

Sweet T

guinea pig said...

that is awesome about the future niece!!!

sorry about the mri, i had a boob one down, and you have to lay on your stomach for that. which you think would be better, but then your forehead starts to hurt. i didn't mind the tight space, but the noises totally drove me insane, if not for those, i could have fallen asleep.

Anonymous said...

Have you called the dr yet?
-big t