Thursday, November 8, 2007

bras, laughs and a quote

bras are a necessary evil in my opinion. i take mine off as soon as i get home in the evening but of course would not be caught dead outside my house without one.

i'm not a good bra buyer though. i've never actually had a "professional" fitting--do they really make a difference? i read somewhere that the support in your bra is supposed to come from the cup not the straps. uh, if that's the case when the hell are they going to start making the cups out of something more supportive than fabric like say, silicon (like the bake ware) or plastic? sure, if you're less endowed or in your early 20s or haven't had a kid i can see where fabric alone is supportive but c'mon.

i've always worn under wires thinking for my size the support is good. maybe i'm wrong. i hate trying on bras. i can't just pick a letter and number and go with that all the time because different bras fit differently. i'm pretty simple when it comes to shopping though. for some reason i'm drawn to the colored bras (then get pissed when i get them home and realize everything shows through my shirts) and ones that are pretty but not overdone--not too lacy, no adornments, no heart things, etc. they can't be itchy either.

plus, does victoria secrets have it right and we really need to spend an arm and a leg on bras? and how many bras should one person own? any thoughts on good bras and how to buy them etc. would be helpful.

these made me laugh this morning : ) i am perhaps the world's worst procrastinator, i can't help it. i'm thinking of seeing someone about it at some point. (he he, get it??)

and here's the quote i liked:

"I'll let you be in my dreams if I can be in yours."-- Bob Dylan


Anonymous said...

I have to say that as much as I hate paying a lot for a bra, the cheap ones I buy just don't fit right or last very long. I always have better luck at VS, paying more. And, once I find one I really like, they discountinue it. I bought a few on sale recently, without trying them one, and they aren't great. It does pay to take your time and try on a bunch. Being measured can't hurt, either.

Sweet T

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who would play the "I will know I am rich when..." game with her friends when they were young and poor in graduate school. Hers was: I will know I am rich when I can afford to buy a different bra for every day of the week.
-Big T

PS - Spanx really needs to comment on this one!

Anonymous said...

This is my VERY fav subject. I am constantly adjusting, pulling and contorting in my bras. I really do think that we should all rise up and DEMAND a custom bra-maker at every department store. Seriously. What makes these manufacturers think that we can all fit into a number/letter slot and have it feel great??

I want a boyfriend like Howard Hughes who designed the perfectly fitted bra for Jane Russell - aerodynamic and everything. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

Oh - I guess I found my nickname!!