Wednesday, November 21, 2007

pre turkey day

updates--yes, whatever i have had turned into a full blown head cold w/ coughing. yeah me. the girl's rash is all but gone. i've loaded her up on as much benadryl as is legally permitted. i think it was the t-shirt that set off the rash.

last night the cub scouts toured the local police department. leave it to the boy to ask an inappropriate question, bless his heart. he asked the cops if it's true that they just eat donuts and drink coffee. the cop looked at the hubs then looked back at the boy and said he didn't like coffee. i can see it now, in 12 years when the boy starts driving he'll be marked for being pulled over at the drop of a hat.

so we have a short work day today--we get off at noon. i have to finish a story before i go, well, i'm telling myself i have to finish it (so what am i doing instead? posting!) after that i plan on running errands and trying to put some order back into my house.

all the aunts arrive at my moms today. the hubs said if i want to go over there to visit we can. part of me wants to but another part of me, the sick, pitiful whiny part, doesn't. plus, it's not like i won't see them the rest of the week.

some how days or time off never seem to actually be free time. why is that? i'd like a day (along with the money) to just go shopping. i know, i hate shopping but i could totally go hang out at bath & body works for an hour and then browse the book store, get some starbucks and maybe even try on some pants. i have no pants. how did that happen? i'm not prepared for winter.

last night when the hubs and i were talking between west wing episodes i got the idea for a story. what would have unfolded had we met later in life as opposed to when i was 15? it started because he said something like if we'd just met i probably wouldn't go out with him and it got me to thinking that if i just met him through mutual friends at a party how i would see him. i'd still go out with him. he thinks he's no longer the rebel bad boy, but he is. he's a smart ass, he's ireverent and those are just a few of the things that draw me to him.

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