Friday, November 30, 2007

under the influence

ok, so i'm now kinda skeptical about this diagnosis for my arm. not only did i get a hellacious shot, and by that i mean i've had two epidurals, cortisone shots are worse, that i don't think has done shit, but this doc is really pill happy.

my previous scrip for the vickies were to take 1 or 2 at bedtime. this guy has me taking two in the morning and two at night AND a sleeping pill at night. really? holy shit. it's like, go to sleep snow white and when you wake up the pain will be gone. hmmm, not quite sure about this at all. so of course i'm not following those directions, who can function on 4 vickies and a sleeping pill a day. i have taken one vickie and one sleeping pill tonight. if you hear a loud bang it may be my head hitting the keyboard. hopefully if that happens i'll hit publish post first.

i suppose my celebration of healing (aka--the doc says it's ok to use the arm so i will not have bedroom restrictions) will start tomorrow. the hubs has driven like 1 million miles (slight exaggeration) in the last two days so when he got home he practically passed out. i'm on the drugs, it probably wouldn't have worked out anyway.

so i'm becoming fascinated by the whole social network born on the Internet. in the 90s it was chatrooms on aol. wow--those were cool huh? are they still around? i have no idea. the company i worked for at the time was just getting into "online" magazines and we had chat rooms. i hosted a few and then of course i chatted online. it was fun, interesting but of course not real.

now there are blogs, myspace page, friendster, facebook, hell i don't even know what half of them are. you tube. my cousin, 13, has videos on you tube. my aunt knows, they aren't anything bad but her face is out there, she's on the internet. not sure how i feel about that. i know a few people who do the myspace thing, i don't understand it and don't really look at them.

blogs---wow, is this just a chick thing? there are a kabillion blogs out there, 90% are written by women and 50% of those are ones that just talk about their kids. not that there is anything wrong with that, i talk about mine cos they're brilliant, but they aren't my reason for blogging. but it is interesting how many people are reaching out to other people on the internet. i don't mean trolling for sex partners, i'm just talking about reaching out for contact, something, anything, someone to share with. i would totally love it if my friends had blogs. i'd be reading them every day. i love all of them but i'm fairly certain guinea pig would write a kick ass blog. she'd haul out her soap box and educate and inflame the masses. gp, i really am encouraging you to do this.

(just heard on comedy central---ex-girlfriend aka x-box. lol.)


SIL said...

I like to new backdrop. Much easier on the eyes.

Creative Kerfuffle said...

i like it too : ) not many templates to choose from on this thing but i played around w/ it a bit.

guinea pig said...

yeah the new look is very impressive. kudos. and thanks for the shout out about blogging. i will muse on it . . . although are you sure you are ready for the full force of my liberalism????

Creative Kerfuffle said...

gp---get to typing girl! i am totally ready for the full force of your liberalism! i agree w/ most of it ya know! maybe the hubs would read it and comment and then it would be like our own hanity and colms show : ) lol