Thursday, November 29, 2007

thursday night randomness

the hubs is out of town, it's 5 minutes to csi. the boy is running around in his underwear, the girl is farting like crazy (didn't think the medicine was supposed to do THAT), the dogs must have found something in the backyard because they want out then in then out then in and i'm surfing the web.

i just found this. if you like cats you'll like it--it's purring.

do you have commercials you hate? we all have ones we love--still love that 1,2,3,4 apple commercial, gotta get that cd. but there's one for another phone that drives me to the point that i want to beat the dad's head in. it's the one where the swarthy (i guess he's supposed to look sexy but he just pisses me off) dad gives his teenage daughter a phone and tells her, this is for you because you're my number 1; then he gives his goofy wife (she's wearing the most god-awful workout suit ever) one and says SHE'S his number one; THEN the bastard does the same thing to his teenage son and gives him one of those fake punches (those are so retarded anyway); THEN he practically skips out of his house, fleeing his freaky family as quickly as possible, and says and i saved the best for number 1 (himself) or something else equally retarded. so what i get out of that is the dad is a complete two-faced jerk who's so conceited and self-absorbed (his wife is working out because she's really fooling around w/ the young pool boy), the daughter also is screwing the young pool boy and the son is texting his posse to set up their next bong hit (not that there's anything wrong w/ bong hits) and the dad is off to see his mistress. i fucking hate that guy and that commercial.

ok, i also found this and it cracks me up, i don't know why.

i know this post is completely random and i haven't even been smoking--go figure!

(in the last 15 minutes i swear to god the special dog (keely) has been in and out 6 times)


Anonymous said...

Before I even read your description of the phone commercial, I knew the one. It's stupid.

Do you call the dog Special K or did I dream that?

Sweet T

Creative Kerfuffle said...

yes, we do call her special k. and you get bonus points for remembering sweet t.