Tuesday, November 27, 2007

the new dream

it all started about a week or so ago when the hubs called me at work and said we should move to boone and buy a christmas tree farm. he was on one of his over-night work trips and called to tell me how beautiful it was in the mountains and how much i'd love it. i thought it was sweet but didn't, at the time, actually give it much thought other than a passing fancy.

i've been thinking about it more and more though. i've spinned whole dream around it. we'd move to the mountains, buy a christmas tree farm, and have some actual farm animals. we'd have a pumpkin patch too. cows, sheep, horses to ride, and anything else that struck our fancy. the girl could have a few more cats (as long as they were barn cats) the boy could have a dog of his own. and a strawberry patch. and lots of huge sunflowers. we'd open it up for elementary school field trips. have a finished barn on the property that people could rent out for weddings and other special occasions. during the fall we could have corn mazes.

i'd write my purposeful novel, start my line of greeting cards (SAC=smart ass cards) and the hubs would open his own restaurant. we could write a cookbook together.

nothing extravagant, just natural, peaceful and liberating. how high could we soar without the tethers of the mind numbing suffocation of conventional jobs?


guinea pig said...

i actually have one where we move to ocracoke and buy a bed and breakfast and run it. this fantasy has only been made worse by the fact that in the last eight years, there have been three hotels/b&B's for sale on the island. i think we would be perfect at it -the husband can be the smoozer and i can make yummy breakfast things.

Creative Kerfuffle said...

i like your dream too gp : ) your hubs also could make and sell his pottery and bird feeders. and little man could entertain the guests : )