Thursday, November 29, 2007

non hump day

so this post a day thing ends tomorrow. i can't say it's been difficult for me cos i don't think i blog like other people blog. i use my blog more as a journal.

one thing about this community blogging thing is that it has opened my eyes to things i didn't know about. people are really serious about blogging. some people have more than one blog. i don't know how they do it really. of course there also are people who aren't even the least bit anonymous and even have pictures of their kids, names etc. out there (i got some grief over posting the boy's butt online--it's not like you can tell who he is--though i'll probably take it down cos y'all have made me feel wonky about it, like i'm some sort of freak : ) )

another thing is that i'm not as smart as i thought i was. maybe i should say intellectual (the power of knowing as distinguished from the power to feel and to will : the capacity for knowledge b: the capacity for rational or intelligent thought especially when highly developed). this is a hard pill to swallow because, as i've said before, i am prejudiced against stupid people. i know this is cruel and judgemental. it's not a prejudice against people who can't learn it's against people who won't learn. anyway, this post a day thing has exposed me to blogs i find interesting but at the same time boring because the discussions are so above me, if that makes sense. they are, to me, pretentious, but is that because i'm stupid and don't understand them? i don't know.

i've been insulated in my little part of the blog world and i think that was probably a good thing because i just wrote what i wanted. reading other blogs and discussions invariably filters into my writing i think. eh well, what to do?

a few updates for my regulars.
the girl's appointment went ok. x-rays showed that basically she's full of shit. she's constipated. the doc said he sees about a kid a day with this ailment. so she's taking a laxative for two weeks. they also will do an ultrasound to check out her kidneys and the calcium deposits just to make sure all of that is ok too. urine test came back fine so it's not the hypercalcemia. thank god.

the fil isn't so good. monday he's having a consult with the surgeon. they're going to do a triple by-pass. this they discovered when checking out the aneurysm. they can't even begin to do anything with the aneurysm though until the by-pass is done. the hubs quite possibly will be taking a road trip to ok.

the trip itself worries me--him driving 22 hours alone, stressed out, under these circumstances. but in general it worries the hell out of me because it's his dad and as much as he says he's not worrying and everything is ok i know that in his mind he's replaying everything he went through with his mom and her death. i have a hopeless sort of feeling, not knowing how to help him, comfort him.


Mrs. A. said...

I love your blog. :)

In fact, I wish I could just journal and not be so concerned about how my posts sound. I mean, I think I do ok, but I'd like to get to the place where I put up whatever I put up and not spend a moment second-guessing it.

Don't, for a minute, question your intellect. Just because other bloggers seem like they "know" more or whatever does not make their you-know-what smell any better. If you think the discussions seem pretentious, I'm willing to bet that they are.

Oh, and the poop thing -- I had 3 (3!) boys who actually held their poop in when they were toddlers because they were afraid to poop in the potty chair. Insane. Sennokot, enemas, bribery, we went through the whole 9 yards. It's amazing how much poop a little kid can hold inside himself.

Mrs. A

Creative Kerfuffle said...

i feel the same way about your blog. it's made doing nablopomo whatever worth it : )

i think i have brain insecurities sometimes--i know i'm off my rocker and sometimes feel someday people will finally see under my facade and realize i'm pretty much a dumb ass : )

the poop thing--whew knew? the doc said it's common. makes me want to go to a health food store and buy something that will flush out the whole family.