Tuesday, November 20, 2007

i like turkey

these are things i like about thanksgiving.


my mom's stuffing (it's yankee stuffing as the hubs calls it, but i like it; it's bread stuffing; he grew up on cornbread stuffing, which i also like, but love the bread stuffing)

homemade cranberry sauce, yes, i can make this. i love the color, smell, idea of it more than i actually like to eat it.

pumpkin pie--love love love pumpkin.

broccoli casserole--it's cheese and broccoli. although once growing up i ate way too much of it one year and then couldn't eat it for like 10 years.

sweet potatoes--love em, so yammy (sorry couldn't resist)

total non sequitors:
knowing looks are so cool. you know what i'm talking about, those looks you share with someone when you're in a group of people or just even one other person and the person you're sharing the look with totally knows what you're thinking at the moment. the hubs and i do this all the time (and no, it's not always about sex folks). i also do this with friends of mine. i also think it's interesting when you catch other people sharing a knowing look. you wonder what they're thinking, how they are connected (at least i do).

ok, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

what are your favorite thanksgiving treats?


Mrs. A. said...

I've never met a Thanksgiving treat I didn't like.

Pumpkin is always good. I have these onion mashed potatoes I make (with the canned french-fried potatoes & instant potatoes) -- so awesome.

I like the traditional "green bean" casserole but this year I'm sauteeing spinach in garlic. Because I think I need to change things up a little bit.

Oh, and listen to this -- I found a recipe for a sweet potato dish that has Southern Comfort in it -- it sounds sooo good, but I know my family wouldn't like it, they're not into "fancy" stuff -- but does that not sound delicious? Some day. . .

Apple Crunch Pie, Homemade Mac & Cheese -- I'm pretty sure I could take any food on Thanksgiving and call it a "favorite"!

Creative Kerfuffle said...

the sweet potatos w/ southern comfort sounds interesting and the apple crunch pie--yum! homemade mac & cheese is a winner any day. oddly enough the boy doesn't like any mac & cheese (only kid in the world i think) and the girl only likes the boxed kind. go figure!