Friday, November 23, 2007

the day after

thanksgiving went off without much of a hitch. everyone was pretty well behaved.

i got beat twice at scrabble, but at least i got to play. i have to give props to my bro who, knowing that scrabble's not his best game, gave it a whirl anyway. sorry bro, s'mores isn't a word : )

we went out shopping today--first time i've ever shopped the day after thanksgiving. we didn't get up at some crazy time to go out though and the crowds weren't too bad. of course we just stayed in our little neck of the world and didn't do the mall thing or anything like that. got some christmas shopping done and we got an air mattress on sale for next year's camping.

this evening the girl and i are going to a baby shower for my cousin who came down--the one who shouldn't have bred. i'm really not trying to be ugly but she and her husband would be lucky if they shared one whole brain between the two of them and though they're 26 or 27 they have the emotional capacity of a 16 year old. she asked if we were coming to wv in february when the baby was born. uh, no. yeah i'm happy for you and all but i'm not that close to you that i care to see your baby as soon as it pops out.

i know, i'm a cold hearted bitch.

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