Wednesday, November 7, 2007

my friend vicki

vicki aka vicodin. ok, so she's not my friend really cos the pain isn't going away like i thought it would. my thumb is still numb, i know, it's only been one day. it's hard to shuffle cards when your thumb is numb though.

i have a couple of thoughts to share and then i think i'll conk out. the hubs is out of town tonight and the kids just went to bed. i took them to the library--checked out memoirs of a geisha big t, though i don't know if i can keep my eyes open to read it tonight--then taco hell.

thought one: i'm totally not trying to sound like the boy-bitch at work we love to hate, but i so love my kids. they are completely and totally different. i worry though because the boy is incredibly talented and gifted in ways the girl isn't and i don't want her to be overshadowed. how do you praise and encourage one without squashing the other? the boy is back on reading these junie b. jones books, and quite frankly, they're pretty hysterical for a kids book. he's reading them like crazy and now has started writing (on the computer no less) his own story. he uses the characters in the books he's reading but makes up his own tale. he's sketching all the time, drawing, etc. he's so amazingly creative.

the girl is crafty more so than creative. she makes houses and stuff for her webkinz out of boxes and paper. she can knit like i don't know what. she makes things. ok, i talked myself into feeling better. i was feeling pretty bad cos i was so digging on the fact that the boy is writing a freaking book.

the previous post. i know y'all weren't really complaining about the frequency or the sex thing. what can i say. i think often times people don't talk about sex enough. yes, it's private and personal, etc. but i'm not giving blow by blow (yes, the pun is intended) accounts, just throwing thoughts out there. it's like with most anything in life, the more you talk about it or read about it the more you learn right? by no means do i think i know all there is to know about the subject so i'm just curious. girls, at least the ones i've known, don't often talk details about sex, which is sort of odd, cos they'll go on and on about clothes or hair or whatever the hell else. how are we supposed to get better at things if we don't learn?

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