Friday, November 16, 2007

five for friday #3

current movies and my thoughts

beowulf--is this animated or not? i have no desire to see it. we had to read it in 11th grade english, i was not amused. we also had to read stuff in old english and recite it. we read the canterbury tales in old english too. a guy named richard in my class was like an idiot savante w/ languages and he read it perfectly. the teacher loved it. we were all jealous. yes, i was a geek.

the mist (stephen king)--i've read the short story. despite the fact that it's stephen king i don't want to see it. most of his movies, aside from shawshank, misery and stand by me and the shining, i've hated. it all works better in my head than on film anyway.

mr. magorium's wonder emporium--it's dustin hoffman, it's toys, it's fun to say. i want to see it.

fred claus--i dig christmas movies (the santa clause, elf, etc. and this looks like it's right up that alley) plus vince is hot.

august rush--this looks like something i cry over and i want to see it : )


guinea pig said...

i just said practically the same thing about beowolf. ugh! angelina is hot, but not hot enough to make old english interesting.

Anonymous said...

Agreed on most counts, although I'm curious about Beowulf and The Mist.

Vince is way hot.

Sweet T