Thursday, November 1, 2007

a very good morning

alas halloween is over. the kids had a blast trick or treating. several years ago we started going to the bro and sil's neighborhood and trick or treating with my nephew. it's become somewhat of a tradition actually and i love seeing all the kids together like that. last night my sil's sis and family joined in too. great fun. i think it would be cool if one year they all dressed up in a theme--there are six kids (seven counting my brother) and about eight adults. i'll have to put my thinking cap on for that. if the sil sends me a pic of my brother in costume i'll post it : ) he's such a big kid!

apparently the pig tails i wore yesterday were a big hit with the hubs. something about a naughty school girl needing to go to the principal's office or something. unfortunately i wimped out last night and was asleep on the couch by about 11. however, all was not lost : )

this morning's good bye kiss turned into a spontaneous morning quickie before work. his cell was ringing off the hook, both of us running late, but we threw caution to the wind. : ) definitely put me in a better mood seeing as how i woke up really wanting to call in sick (just tired and the stupid crick in my shoulder/neck has not gone away) but knew i couldn't.

so begins the first day of november, first day of writing once a day for a month. carry on.

p.s. i'm a little surprised by the poll results so far. i really thought there were more feet people out there.


T said...

Well I'm a foot person too but since I could only vote for one...
-Big T

Anon said...

hmmm, you're supposed to be able to vote for as many as you want. i hit the button that said allow for multiple answers. : )

Anonymous said...

I, like Big T, assumed we could only vote for one. I would've added feet.

Thighs surprised me. Wouldn't have thought of that.

Sweet T