Friday, November 2, 2007

Black and white vs. color

yes, i know i only have to blog once a day during this november blogthing, however i have thoughts to share.

flipping through the channels i saw this show on the indie station, icf or whatever it is, about sex and censorship in films. it was pretty interesting actually. i had no idea there was sex, explicit sex, in movies as far back as silent films. the show talked about the ratings system and how it came to be and how rated x was not always just pornography and when pornography first came out it wasn't considered sordid or dirty and it wasn't uncommon to see every day people lined up outside of a theater to see a pornographic movie. all very interesting.

on that note i'm getting ready to watch pride and prejudice. i find it interesting how movies have changed though. most people, well, younger people, wouldn't even consider watching a black and white movie. i myself sometimes by pass black and white movies when i'm channel surfing unless i immediately recognize an actor (i think actress is a stupid word--why does there have to be a different name for a female actor?) it's like we think we can't enjoy something unless it's in color and it's pretty much served up on a plate to us, something we don't really have to put a lot of thought into. horror films are prime examples of this. it's all laid out for you, nothing is left for you to think about, nothing is left for you to envision in your own head, which is always much worse than what you can be shown on a screen. not much thought involved with many of today's movies.

sorry for the tangent---a little influenced at this moment.

snippets from today: i got a really nice gift box of goodies from a subject i interviewed last month, complete with a voodoo doll--and yes, it's original, the subject lives in New Orleans.

we went to the square dance at the kids school tonight. they had a good time dancing. i'm so happy they're both secure enough to get out on the floor and dance like no body's watching. i'm sure that will go away at some point, but they had fun. i even did the electric slide (probably the first time i've ever done that sober) and a little do-si-doing.

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