Thursday, November 15, 2007

blogging for me

(first, for all the mother hens in the bunch, yes i called the doc to see if she had results from my mri, no i haven't heard back from her yet).

as i've mentioned i've been reading other blogs because of the post a day thing. i even started a group on the nablopomo site for first timers, bloggers w/ blog envy. so today a woman posted on there and naturally i went to her blog to read. she had a post about blogging and how people do different things to get their blogs out there and basically how it's like a high school clique--not her exact words but i'm paraphrasing. that got me to thinking and it's true.

when i started this blog it was for me only. then i got lonely and wanted readers so i told my trusted friends. then i thought, wow, i'm sooooo cool other people should read my rapier wit (shut up, it's my blog). i wanted comments, longed for them (and i still love all of you who do comment) but i think it really is time i got back to writing this for me. i don't need to "connect" w/ other bloggers online, i have great friends already. i don't have to have fancy widgets and bells and whistles on my blog. i don't have to be known in the blog world. i'm fine just where i am. thanks to an unnamed blogger for helping me see the light.


Mrs. A. said...

I know, right?

If we want to post stupid things on our blogs because we can't find "witty" things to say, especially during this NaBlo torture, why shouldn't we?

(And don't worry about me finding your blog "offensive." It takes A LOT to offend me).

Thanks again for reading my stuff -- even if you don't comment. I like people to read even if they don't comment -- I do it all the time, read without commenting. (Way too much use of the word "comment" in that sentence).

Now I'm off to read your blog -- I finally have some free time!


Creative Kerfuffle said...

i'm so glad you stopped by! : ) welcome.