Friday, November 2, 2007

blogging and lurking

ok, i haven't started watching pride and prejudice yet, and since it's like 1 fucking o clock i probably won't. i got sucked into the internet.

i went to the NaBloPoMo Web site to look at other blogs that signed up to do this and found myself lurking on blogs. it's been a long time since i've had the time or found blogs i really want to read and i ended up bookmarking a few tonight.

two things attract me to blogs---wit and good writing. throw in some cuss words and a nice twist of words and i'm toast. i read a discussion on the NaBloPoMo site on stalking your own blogs. i laughed out loud because i do this. i check my emails to see if i have comments, i look at my site meter and get unhealthily excited if someone other than the 1/2 dozen or so people i know are reading this read it. god help me when someone i don't recognize comments. it's like having a little o.

reading other blogs and discussions has also made me realize what a blog neanderthal i am. blogger is probably like the blogging for dummies blog blogging thing (yeah me, so technical). some people, thankfully, take blogging serious (some uber serious) while i sorta just let my brain steam escape on mine so i can fill it back up with other stuff.

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