Wednesday, November 7, 2007

complaint department

so i've had two complaints today. one that i'm blogging too much and the other that i'm blogging too much about sex.

since i'm such a caring, thoughtful person i'm blogging again to say bite me : )

i realize my thoughts/proclivities/ideas/moods do not always jive with everyone else and most often don't jive with many people really, but this is who i am.

i like writing and i like sex. there are worse things ya know.

for those of you wondering, yes, i'm still wound up and now craving starbucks.


Anonymous said...

Me-ow. :) Luv ya. Lay off the Vicodin tonight, sweetie.

Sweet T

Anonymous said...

It wasn't a complaint it was just a comment.
-Big T

guinea pig said...

yeah, what Big T said, i really didn't mean it as a complaint.

please get yea to the nearest starbucks and make it all better on me. the christmas drinks are back - eggnog and gingerbread, oh my!