Monday, November 19, 2007


i stole this from a blog i now read daily.

1) What is the secret to aging contentedly?
i'm still working on this one. this year (39) does not bother me except for the fact that my body is starting to show/feel age. and i am developing facial hair. i'm not a generally hairy person, have only had my eyebrows waxed twice in my life and never plan to do it again because it hurts like hell, but if i'm not careful i could grow a beard in the next five years. contentedly--i guess i've come to terms that i will never be a size 10 and that's ok.

2) If you had to give up your computer and your TV at home, what would you do for entertainment?
i would certainly read more; crochet; probably journal and write a book, though man that would be a bitch to do longhand; crosswords; maybe finish the scrapbook i started about 5 years ago.

3) Name the most embarrassing moment of your life?
sheesh, just one? i don't really remember ever being completely mortified. there have been lots of times i was embarrassed though. the time the boy (who was under a year old i think) shit all over me and him in the line at the evil empire was pretty embarrassing.

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