Wednesday, November 7, 2007


i've mentioned before how i feel about cologne. how the right fragrance in the right amount can be incredibly sexy. anyway, there's this man in our office who bathes in cologne. i don't know what brand it is because i think it's something different all the time, but it reeks. fortunately i do not sit near him but his pod is on one of the main thoroughfares so i get whiffs of it a few times a day. one of my co-workers politely emailed him about it; he politely told her she probably just had a sensitive nose because nobody else has ever said anything. sheesh.

so this morning i'm wearing opium and wondering if i've put too much on. it's 8:29 and frankly after the night i've had i'm doing well to be vertical let alone dressed, writing and ready to head out the door.

i like smelling new perfumes and sometimes i'll even ask someone what they're wearing cos i think i'd like to try it. of course five seconds after i walk away from the person i've forgotten the name of the fragrance and am screwed so i stick to the ones i know. fortunately for me, the hubs took me to paris for my senior spring break trip : )

we toured a perfume factory (and did it a hotel for the first time i think, though he'd have to clarify), the louve (not enough time in there), the eiffel tower (incredible, breathtaking), dinner boat tour on the seine, versailles, notre dame and other things i can't remember and that are not the focus of this rambling post. (rereading this it sounds like we did it in the louve, the eiffel tower, etc. so i should clarify, no we did not. just in the hotel. we shared a room even.)

the point is, at the perfume factory he bought me the oils used to make opium, anais anais, chloe, joy and another who's name escapes me. (nina ricci maybe, is that a perfume?) anyway, these are the scents i have always worn/loved.

like you give a shit right : ) it's going to be a lllllooooonnnnnggggg day. (princess meow meow is trying to bite my fingers as i type.)

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guinea pig said...

you are a posting fiend. i can't keep up. WTF?