Saturday, November 17, 2007

a camping we will go...

it is very nearly the middle of november. today the high will be 60 here in our little patch of north carolina and the low tonight will be 36. why am i giving the weather report? because by the time most of you read this (if you read daily) we will be on our way to a cub scout camping trip. yeah us : )

it's just for one night, we come home sunday. 36 isn't really that cold right? we'll be sleeping in our tent (the one we got for christmas last year and haven't used yet) in sleeping bags on the ground. i'm packing lots of socks and layers of shirts : ) and blankets. we'll be ok. 36 isn't really cold right? ; )

the boy went to see the play of the wizard of oz tonight w/ a school friend's family. my 8 year old at the theater. how cool is that? he said it was pretty good. of course he got home around 11:30 which is incredibly late for him to be out.

while he was doing his thing the hubs, the girl and i went to dinner and target to pick up last minute things for the trip. as we're parking the girl asks if people who are mentally handicapped get to use the handicapped spaces too. smart question for 11 i'd say. the hubs said he didn't think so but it seems like it's pretty easy for just about anyone to get a handicapped permit. he said even he could get one. the girl (god love her brain) said, why because of your age? i laughed out loud. yep, 42 qualifies you for a handicapped permit! ah, priceless.

i'm totally digging this blog i found through this blog-o-day thing. i think the thing that impresses me most is her basic honesty and willingness to say this is my life.

i mentioned before that my cousin had been on my mind thanks to hearing wrapper's delight right? well, when my kids we in wv this summer they went to a reunion and she was there. i ended up getting her email address and we've recently exchanged a few emails.

(pull up a chair this could be a long blog--i need it to hold you over until sunday when i return from frozen camping)

my cuz is about a year or two younger than me i think (i can't believe i can't remember how old she is right now) but her bday is march 31, i do remember that. anyway, she's really my second cousin (or whatever you are if your grandmother's are sisters and mom's are first cousins) but she is the one closest to my age. after her the next group of cousins are my brother's age. anyway, whenever we were in wv she and i were fast friends. i was always fascinated by her. she was an only child (adopted), skinny, outgoing, active, etc. pretty much the exact opposite from me in just about every way. i envied her a lot.

i didn't live around her in high school and when i moved back to wv to go to college it was around my junior year i think that we ran into each other on campus and started hanging out together again. actually, i had friends who had an apartment in this old house and she and her roommates had the downstairs apartment. i have always thought she was incredibly beautiful. when we were in college i remember she was desperate to find her birth mother. i don't think she ever did. the thing i think that bothered her the most is that she's obviously not caucasian but it's not obvious what she is. she told me that when people asked her what she was she'd just started telling them hawaiian. i always loved that answer. she could have been perhaps.

ok peeps--behave while i'm gone; don't do anything i wouldn't do; put everything back where you got it and turn the light off when you leave.

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