Tuesday, November 27, 2007

a little this and that

tuesday, yippee. i'm trying to drum up speakers and panelists (i hate this part of my job, have i said that enough??) and have to do an interview today. ah the joys of working.

so a few things going on.

the hubs is taking the girl to the doctor tomorrow afternoon. she's been having stomach aches off and on for what seems like forever. normally we might attribute this to her drama-queen-ness but in light of all the problems she had as a baby (hypercalcemia/calcium deposits in her kidneys) we want to get her checked out. her last ultrasound a year or so ago was fine, but you never know. just being proactive.

my orthopedic appt. is friday morning. the arm still hurts like a bitch off and on. i really don't think it will require surgery but a big ole' shot doesn't sound too fun either. whatever i want the pain to stop.

we're waiting on word about the FIL. they may do surgery because of the aneurysm, we should know something today. depending on when/if that happens the hubs might be making a 22 hour drive to ok.

a quick call to my bro last night fixed the computer glitch--what a wunderkind he is huh? : ) oh, he's also almost done installing hardwood floors in his house. how cool is that? between him and the hubs (our bathroom renovation of last year) i think they could quit their jobs and start flipping houses.

last night at dinner the talk turned (i have no idea how) to the lead in toys. the boy asked why they were grinding up pencils and putting them in toys. the girl then explained that they no longer make pencils with lead they use graphite. she then questioned why the chinese are trying to kill us with lead--is it because we bombed them? uh, no, the hubs said, that was japan. the boy said, well that wasn't very nice. (they are thinking this is something recent). the hubs tried to explain pearl harbor and who was on who's side, the girl threw in that switzerland is always neutral, yada yada yada.

sometimes i just sit back and listen to these conversations and am amazed. at the risk of sounding like a sappy mommy blogger my kids are pretty damn incredible. their minds inspire me and make me wonder how two people as crazy as the hubs and i could make such people.

don't get me wrong--this morning i was ready to give them both away. the boy was making his lunch for a field trip today and the girl was bossing him around. he'd poured soda into a thermos (and all over the kitchen floor) and she was telling him he couldn't take soda. he can't, but she's not his boss. that led to about 20 minutes of them bitching at each other and trying to get the last word. they're both wrong. she tries to boss him around and he loses his temper. then they both start calling names and it's down hill from there.

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