Sunday, August 24, 2008

tomorrow changes everything

the bookbags are packed (crammed full); clothes laid out; lunches and snacks are packed and waiting.

tomorrow is the first day of school and for me it is bittersweet. the boy starts third grade. it's a transitional year in elementary school. more work; higher expectations and he starts AG (academically gifted) classes for the first time. it's the first year the kids can be in chorus, try out for the school talent show and are supposed to be more mature/responsible. i am worried, so very worried about the boy. he is gifted in so very many ways (he's smart, out going, funny) but he's so unfocused. even for simple things i have to repeat myself. he hears and listens but doesn't follow through.

and his hair. he's decided to let it grow long. we aren't sticklers about hair. well, within limits. if our kids want to express themselves w/ a haircut or black tips (like the girl did at the end of last year) we let them. but the boy's desire to look like one of the naked brothers w/ their longer, unkempt hair, is driving me crazy. it looks like he doesn't brush it ever.

now to the girl. middle school. i have to admit, i'm scared to death. what if she can't find her classes? what if she gets lost? it's a huge school. what if the older kids pick on her? what if she doesn't make new friends? she has deemed to let me take her to school tomorrow and actually walk her into the building but absolutely no kiss goodbye. i think she just wants me to take her in so i can carry all of her crap. the top most thing on her mind right now is getting her locker, decorating her locker and putting her stuff in her locker.

they've both gone to bed; we'll be getting up at 5:30 am. i have butterflies enough for both of them; they seem to be excited and not a bit nervous.

before he went to bed the boy said: hey mom, when neil armstrong went to the moon why didn't he go through heaven first? good question.


Kristin.... said...

Ok, you must email me tomorrow and let me know how it goes. I'll be thinking of you!

broad minded said...

well i hope all went well. i know it was probably tougher on you then it was on the kids.

Susiewearsthepants said...

Oh big hugs to you. I have to admit that middle school can be the worst. My oldest daughter is in high school now. She had some rough times in middle school, but she made it. It's normal to be nervous. Good luck to both of you!