Tuesday, August 5, 2008


ok, this is one of the many reasons i hate summer. work trips. i fucking hate work trips. life gets turned upside down, we never have time for a vacation and then poof, it's time for school to start.

so, i got home thursday night from my trip, the hubs had to leave sunday night for a work trip and then around lunch time today he found out he had to go out of town tonight and tomorrow night. barf.

also, did i tell you we're getting laptops? the hubs found a great deal on laptops so we're both getting one. he really needs one for work and his company is too cheap and stupid to get him one. i just want one : ) so aside from the great deal and the fact that he needs one, do you know what really sold him on the idea? (stand back girls, he's all mine)---they have web cams on them. i'll let you figure it out.


Astarte said...

OMG, the webcam! HA!

What great deal did you find? My laptop is older than time. I'm waiting for it to implode any day now.

creative kerfuffle said...

astarte--i have to confess the hubs is a qvc/hsn junky and found the laptops on the daily special last weekend. however, my bro did some research and best buy has comparable ones, but on the other deal you could make three payments rather than one : ) 2mg gateways (i'm getting red, he's getting blue) for under $800 each.