Wednesday, August 27, 2008

more things you might not know about me

more stuff about me. stay tuned tomorrow for my post on things i've learned in the last 40 years.

one of my legs is a little shorter than the other. i do not have a limp and had a chiropractor not told me this several years ago i'd have never known. this was the only time i'd been to a chiropractor. i had a hellacious kink in my neck and basically couldn't turn my head. so i had a few visits, shock treatments, heat, it went away, ta da. but during the initial consult he said i was a smidge out of whack and my alignment was off cos of the short leg. he said it actually is common in women who have kids--it's not that your leg is actually shorter but that your hips get knocked out of alignment in childbirth. who knew?

one of my ears is pierced twice. my best friend in high school and i got our second piercing together. when the hubs and i were on our honeymoon i told him guys with pierced ears were sexy--he got his ear pierced that night : )

most any time i am talking on the phone, watching tv or doing something that does not require the use of my hands i am either twirling my hair or doodling.

i am fascinated by tattoos. not tons of all over body tattoos, but simple, elegant tattoos. i toy w/ the idea of getting another (i have one), but doubt i ever will.

i regularly gag when i'm brushing my teeth/tongue

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Astarte said...

Hey, I have one leg shorter, too!!! It's about half an inch different. I have scoliosis, though, though which came first isn't clear. My back is a mess unless I use a lift in one shoe, so basically at the end of every summer, after I've been barefoot for three months, I'm a pretzel. As soon as these surgery incisions heal up, I'm off to my chiro for a crackin' good time!