Tuesday, August 26, 2008

questions answered

first day of school:

don't want to bore you w/ a blow by blow but overall things went well. the girl let me walk her to class yesterday morning (i had to kiss her in the parking lot though, NOT in school). she forgot her lunch so the hubs dropped it off in the office on the way to work. they did not get it to her. she had to eat a prison lunch voucher lunch--which is what they give kids who forget their lunch or money. it is a hamburger bun (no meat), green beans and mashed potatoes. she ended up knowing a girl in her science class (the class they go to lunch w/). it's a girl she was best friends with the daycare before this one, they were toddlers together but went to different elementary schools. the girl said classes were fine but she was a little nervous about the bigger kids on the afternoon bus to daycare. ok, the mexican boys on the bus who were harassing the sixth graders. she said they cussed a lot.

needless to say the hubs went to school this morning to have a few words with the secretary about the lunch. he also requested a bus stop change for the girl since the existing stop is on the main road at someone's driveway who doesn't have a kid in middle school. we'll see how that goes.

the boy let me walk him to class and kiss him goodbye and everything : ) on the way to class he said the sweetest thing--he said mom, i'm sort of sad the girl isn't here because now nobody will say hey, aren't you the girl's little brother? sniff sniff

the boy had a good day as well. his homework for AG was to find 4 things that tell something about him. so what does he take in this morning? a spiderman comic book; a picture he colored of spiderman; his build-a-bear's spiderman costume and his iron man action figure. marvel much?

the other questions:

ok, i found out what the "other" position was from the poll. someone told me. it is a twist, literally, on doggie style. you start in doggie style position and then twist your waist a little bit sideways. it is not uncomfortable like it sounds; at least that's what i've heard.

lap dances--there were two lap dances; at some point there was heavy breathing. that's all i'm sayin'.

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