Wednesday, August 27, 2008


i should totally be working but fuck i'm just not into it today. i have blog envy for kristin's new look and have spent way too much time looking at free blogger templates today instead of writing some stories. i want a blog template that's unique and represents me and looks cool. and i don't want to pay for it. i've found a few i like and the directions say just download it. however, i'm not that techno savvy and can't imagine it's as easy as just download it. anyhoo---don't be surprised if there's a new look here soon.

it is pouring like a mofo here in nc. we need the rain but it prohibited me from putting my sweet little darlings on their buses this morning. i just couldn't see them standing out in a down pour waiting for the ark bus to pick them up.

i've decided that the worst 30 minutes of the day will be from 5:30-6:00 am. the alarm goes off. my eyes open and immediately rebel and and i hit snooze. it goes off again and i think--the girl cannot be late to her first week of school. so we get up, get ready. after i'm up and things are moving along i'm ok. i'm not LOVING it by any means, but it's not as bad as the first 30 awake minutes. this morning i even cleaned out the dishwasher, loaded it and picked up a bit before taking the boy to school.

i called my mom last night to see how the sister's JOP wedding went yesterday. she said it was fine. they went to lunch afterwards. my niece spent the night with my folks so they could take her to the first day of school today (which was actually yesterday but my sister let her miss the first day to go to mommy and daddy's wedding--gag me w/ a spork) and the sister's friend kept my nephew. so, since that was their "honeymoon" (i'm horking right now) i didn't want to call and interrupt them. plus, what do you say to that? hey, congratulations on making a huge life mistake? i'm sorry, i thought i'd be ok with this but i'm not. and it honestly has nothing to do with his nationality or his lack of personality.

it has to do with how in the fuck do you bring someone you've "seriously" dated a month home to live with your small kids? what do you REALLY know about someone after a month? especially if that someone barely speaks??? and, why oh why do you encourage your children to call him daddy? i can only think that my sister is like my mother in this regard and puts herself before the welfare of her children and then convinces herself that what she's doing is in her kids' best interest.

i can't throw too many stones, i know i have some of my mother's (and father's) bad genes, but i never put myself before my kids. ever.

what else can we talk about so i can further avoid work?

the hubs was out of town last night and we tried out the webcams for the first time. shut up and get your minds out of the gutter. having the camera on while you're talking on the phone is weird but comforting at the same time i have to admit. the kids were popping in and out of the screen as they made faces and tried to be funny. he'll be home tonight though.

ok, it's almost lunch time : ) here's a little laugh for today--michael phelps, the early years....


Trish said...

Happy birthday eve!

creative kerfuffle said...

who you callin eve? ; ) just joshin' big t. thanks for the wishes. hope your football vacay is getting off to a good start--despite the early morning take off. go app!

Astarte said...

AWESOME cartoon!!! Hee hee hee!!! And I love the cow-chicken thing, too, while I'm here. I'm gonna be singing that one for a looong time in my head. :)

Ooh, your sister. I am so sorry, on so many levels. Maybe it will work out. I hope it does. What a yukky situation.