Saturday, August 23, 2008

my best friend

i met him about a month before i turned 15 and he turned 18. he was the bmoc in our neighborhood, though at the time i didn't know it. he was older; more mature; rough around the edges and cocky but at the same time there was a sincerity and understanding to him that called to my soul.

in a few short weeks we became friends. i felt so comfortable around him, able to tell him anything in the world. a few weeks later we started dating and my best friend became my world. my first REAL boyfriend. my first going steady. my first love. my first making love. my first heartbreak. my everything.

whenever you tell someone you married your high school sweetheart they go, awwww, isn't that nice, or something else equally as trite. i'm here to tell you, it wasn't always nice. it's hard as fuck to stay with the same person for nearly 26 years. granted we weren't a couple for every one of those 26 years (we were apart about 4) but a relationship (and people) change and grow a lot in that time.

i can still say he's my best friend. he makes me laugh. he knows me inside and out and for all my fuckedupedness he still loves me. he's still cocky and a rebel (i seem drawn to that) and our views on many things are totally opposite; he challenges me. he's strong. and at the same time he's so sweet and caring and childlike (not childish, though he can be that too sometimes). different people in my life get different parts of me, but he's the only one that gets about 95% of me, and still stays my friend.

he's not perfect; we're not perfect; i'm not perfect but i know in my heart there was a reason i met him 26 years ago and there's a reason we're still together.

But Im the only one
Wholl walk across the fire for you
Im the only one
Wholl drown in my desire for you
Its only fear that makes you run
The demons that youre hiding from
When all your promises are gone
Im the only one

i love you michael. happy birthday.


Kristin.... said...

Happy birthday to Michael!

And yes, staying together for so long IS HARD. I'm so right there with you.

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day Hubs!

Sweet T

broad minded said...

happy bday. cutting loose - two names . . .

Susiewearsthepants said...

How sweet and your honesty is so refreshing. I think younger women especially tend to to think marriage is about the wedding and that their lives will be full of romance and excitement. Ha! We know better than that.