Friday, August 15, 2008

mmmm, friday

random thoughts from me, who'd've (aka who would have) thunk it? enjoy

though i'm feeling better than death after a week of antibiotics, i am still pretty congested with this damn sinus infection. today a female co-worker told me, i'm sorry you feel bad, but you sound sexy. bwwwaaaahhhhaaaa. i wonder if it's the plegmatic coughing or the constant nose blowing, which has left me with serious chappage. (stop, i'm not picking my nose, it's dried skin. no, it's not bleeding, it's just that fucking red thank you very much). and the lips? umm, yeah, kissably luscious. you know that lusciousness that comes from not being able to breath out of your nose so you're always breathing out of your mouth and your lips are dry and cracked and you keep licking them? yeah, nice. so---sure, i can see the whole sexy thing.

so with our sexy new laptops came this family tree software unkay? i honestly haven't even looked at the extra software that came w/ our bundles, but the hubs is all over the family tree stuff. he's put hours into it. it's actually pretty cool. i started looking up some stuff online last night as well. it's interesting to read the names and where they were born, lived etc. i had vague knowledge that on my mother's paternal side we're of german stock and on my dad's maternal side there's irish/english ties and some cherokee indian in there somewhere (though you couldn't really tell this from the looks of any of my immediate family). i found where part of our family immigrated from prussia. the hubs, who i thought was mostly german/cajun/french, has a lot of immigrants from ireland (hmmmm, explains the auburn hair in his family). it's just fascinating.

the girl finally got her class assignments and bus schedule for middle school. we are so incredibly screwed. i've always taken the kids to school in the mornings but this year w/ them being in different schools that's not going to work. the girl will be catching at bus between 6:32 and 6:54 am! that's AM people. it's going to be dark a lot of the time she's getting on the bus. that means getting my house...on a regular FIVE FUCKING THIRTY IN THE MORNING. i think i need to make nice as soon as possible with the principal and teachers at this new school cos i see A LOT of tardies heading our way. ok, no, i can't let her be tardy. but fuck!
(the boy hasn't received his info yet but i know his school starts at 8:20 like always)

uh. i just did the math. for the next 6 years i will have to get up at 5:30 am.

since we've not had the time for a family vacay this summer the hubs and i have devised this plan. tomorrow we're going to a local amusement park for the day. aside from the town carnival where the rides are sedate, my kids have never been to one. this should be interesting and exciting. though there is so much to be done at home (housework/yardwork etc.) i'm sort of looking forward to tomorrow : ) then, labor day weekend we're going for a quick beach trip. i'm TOTALLY looking forward to that.


Astarte said...

Jesus, Mary and Joseph!!!! 5:30!!!! That is NOT!RIGHT!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of the early risers! Only drawback is you are so tired at night that it's hard to stay up long enough to see the good tv shows! At least you can DVR them!

creative kerfuffle said...

I KNOW! nobody should have to get up that damn early!
SIL--i miss you guys! it's been 4ever! and this will be our problem cos we are such nite owls. tho maybe the girl will start going to sleep earlier? maybe? yeah right.

Kristin.... said...

Eeks, 5:30. I remember those days. But, since we get up at 6:15 now, it's not a huge difference.

And I still feel like shit. :(