Thursday, August 7, 2008

color me impressed

so i'm sitting here, typing my first blog post on my laptop : ) and i have to tell you, though i said the hubs isn't techno inclined, dude totally figured out how to hook up a wireless router and get us both online. it is so very cool.

it really is a matter of our brains working differently. he figured out how to make this all work but he has no clue about using word or setting up his folders etc and documents. his brain just doesn't work like that.

so, we're watching edward scissorhands. i didn't realize that johnny hottie depp was not always johnny depp, his name is johnny garcia. did you know that? this is the first time my kids have seen this movie, i've seen it a kabillion times. they're trying to understand that edward scissorhands is the same person as captain jack sparrow.

i love the sounds the little laptop keys make when i type : ) ok, so they didn't come with a mouse, which i totally need cos that little scroll bar thing? yeah, i don't like that so much.


Astarte said...

I loooove my laptop! Welcome to the world of the wherever-whenever!

Mmmmm... Johnny Depp. Sigh. No, I didn't know he used to be Johnny Garcia. How weird. His name could be Butthole McDorkypants and I'd still do him sideways, though.

creative kerfuffle said...

the boy is watching edward scissorhands...for the 3rd time in two days : ) and johnny? i seriously laughed out loud at butthole mcdorkypants. priceless. what IS it about that man that is soooo damned appealing? yum!