Sunday, August 17, 2008

how'd you get that name?

do you ever wonder how bloggers get their names or the names of their blogs? i do. i'm always curious about that, at least the ones that aren't obvious.

as for me it was sort of by happenstance.

a few years ago my friend trish send me the merriam webster word of the day (she does this from time to time cos she knows i like that kind of stuff). the word was kerffle--meaning a fuss or disturbance. then she challenged me to use the word in one of my articles and if it actually got published she'd by me lunch. i of course did it : ) she's done that another time or two i think.

i immediately liked the word---it's fun, sounds like fluff, etc. and in the back of my mind i thought that someday when i wrote my memoirs i'd call them creative kerfuffle. i actually have that thought, like so many other random things, jotted down in a journal somewhere. so, that's where it came from. how about you?


Kristin.... said...

My blog name is totally lame. I knew NOTHING of blogs when I created mine, so of course I used my own stupid name in it. grrr.

holy crap, 40 in 11 days??? :) kidding, kidding.

creative kerfuffle said...

hind sight is 20/20 huh? : ) i once ran across a blog through comments that was a secret blog where people could post things they can't post on their own blogs for the very reason you mention. i've since lost the link, but was intrigued by the idea.

40--i know right? sheesh. i can't be 40 yet, in my head i'm only 26.

Astarte said...

I got Astarte, which isn't my real name, about ten years back when I was newly married. I opened the dictionary, and there it was - the goddess of love and fertility.

The Muddled Sage started out because, actually, Sage is Josie's real middle name, and I just love that word and Lord knows, I am seriously muddled half time time. Besides, it sounded a heck of a lot better than Addled!!!!

I've always liked the work Kerfuffle, too! It sounds like a pillow fight to me, a really good one where a feather pillow explodes and the feathers float everywhere.

creative kerfuffle said...

oooo i didn't know what asarte was--love that "goddess of love and fertility" and LOVE josie's middle name. very cool.
you're right, kerfuffle is exactly what an exploding pillow fight would sound like.