Thursday, August 14, 2008

wait, come back, it's still me

i made a few changes. i'm beginning to think i might move the blog--blogger just doesn't have very creative templates and i'm not savvy enough to build my own. so anyway, i rearranged the living room sorta.

don't you wish it was this easy to rearrange your house? try new colors? move things around. easy and quick.


broad minded said...

i like the new look.

Kristin.... said...

I like it! I too have been thinking of leaving dear old Blogger....but I am CLUELESS about making my own header, etc.

and ps-think you shared your sinus infection. :(

creative kerfuffle said...

i wish i could make that top picture fit better! and on my screen the quote of the day is in a scrolling box, ew. tweaking will be done.
k---sorry i virtually gave you a sickness : ( get heavy antibiotics, fast.