Saturday, August 23, 2008

pole dancing; school shopping and house cleaning

oh friends...i am wiped out i tell you.

tomorrow is the hubs (43rd) bday. for about a month i was trying to think of something to surprise him with. i couldn't do a party like he did for me last year, mainly because until today i would have sooner poked my eyes out w/ a hot poker than have someone enter this house. it. was. a. wreck. but i'm getting ahead of myself.

my bday is four days after his and since we already got our presents and we're going to the beach next weekend our actual bday celebrations are going to be low key.

a week or so ago i asked my mom if the kids could sleep over. they haven't done this for a long while (not that my kids ever ask to go) and this time they were actually the only two grandkids there, which is a switch. also, getting ahead of myself.

the kids spent the night w/ my folks and then the hubs and i went out to dinner. not a HUGE surprise, he probably figured that much out about the evening. we went to carrabba's. the food there is wonderful.

then the surprise. i took him to a strip club. we'd been once before a year or so ago but he was totally not expecting that last night. we had a blast and i think he was genuinely surprised and pleased.

i don't know how many of you have ever been to a strip club--so if you haven't and have questions let me know. i guess it's really a "gentleman's club" cos the girls don't actually strip totally nude. they come out on stage in skimpy outfits, dance around, do their pole tricks (seriously, pole dancing could be an olympic sport; some of those girls could totally audition for cirque du soleil) and then take off their tops and dance some more. it's not even really a strip tease; they take of their tops nonchalantly and then dance.

and if you ever have body image issues? go to a strip club. seriously. not that there is any way in hell i'd get up there and dance even half nekkid, but aside from maybe 2 girls in there i had the biggest boobs (and mine are real). one of the girls could have easily played a mary kate or ashley double because she was so skinny you could see her ribs. it was scary.

people watching in a strip club is pretty interesting too.

we had a great time; the hubs was surprised and happy; all is well.

today we picked the kids up, mostly finished up school shopping and FINALLY got the house back in order. the hubs and i busted our ass until 10pm tonight. i feel soooo much better though. i really do feel like crap when the house is a wreck.

tomorrow we're having family over for cake and ice cream for our bdays and then getting the urchins ready for the first day of school on monday.


Anonymous said...

Did the hubs buy you a lap dance or did you buy him one? A group of former co-workers (guys) bought me one onetime. (Go ahead and laugh.) I kept my eyes closed the whole time. I think it was the highlight of their evening. Nope, I for sure do not swing that way.

Sweet T

Anonymous said...

Sweet T,

Bullshit, Me thinks that your eyes were closed, you were breathing hard, and quite possibly a little girl sweat was going on. I am open minded, feel free to call me with the details you left out.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I remember was laughing, being slightly mortified, and that her boob brushed up against my face. That was odd. She told me not to worry, that she was married and very into men. Sorry, that's all the details I have. No heavy breathing or sweat. :)

Sweet T