Friday, August 15, 2008

officially tagged

omg! i've officially been tagged for a meme by astarte. i feel like a rock star or something : )

ok, so here goes:

8 TV shows I Love to watch: (i'm assuming these have to be current?)
in plain site
john & kate plus 8
csi (vegas)
law & order: criminal intent
cooking shows--good eats; ace of cakes; that andrew zimmer weird food show
family guy

8 restaurants I love:
recent like: east coast wings
u.s. sushi
ranchos (local diner)

8 things that happened today:
woke up late
sat in a few meetings
ate lunch w/ my ex-employee
dropped my kids off for their last day of daycare for the summer
took my last dose of antibiotic
talked to the hubs on the phone
did a phone interview for a story

8 things I am looking forward to:
5 o'clock
going to an amusement park tomorrow
september 12 because then my work travel for the rest of the year will be done
labor day beach trip
getting my hair done
getting over this sinus infection
getting my house/yard back in order
starting christmas shopping

8 Things I Love about Summer:
the fact that we don't have to be to school at a certain time in the morning
unhurried (aka no homework, dark quickly, etc.) evenings
hanging out on the patio
flip flops/sandals
that fall is right behind it
that my birthday is in it
(summer is my least favorite season)

8 Olympic Events I want to see:
bleh i watched some swimming and gymnastics the other night but nothing really i WANT to see

8 things on my wish list:
a clean house
plasma tv for the den (when the current tv dies)
hardwood floors
kitchen makeover
a bike
to find a good mop--one that really and truly works well
a weekend getaway for me and the hubs
taking the kids to disney

8 people I want to do this same thing:
any of you that have blogs that read this : ) otherwise, email me your lists OX


Astarte said...

Hooray! :)

If you find a good mop, let me know! I think there is no such thing. I want that maid from the Jetsons.

I like the new blog look, BTW. Very pretty!

creative kerfuffle said...

damn--i'm beginning to think you're right, there is NO good mop. i was enamored w/ my siffer for about a month (roughly 3 uses). i totally want a maid! ah, maybe in the next life!