Tuesday, August 19, 2008

two fer tuesday

this week our daycare is closed (week before school starts) which is a total pain in the ass. the hubs was able to take off this week but this is one of my busy times, right before our biggest issue closes and right before our biggest (and last) trade show of the year, so i could not take off the whole week w/ them.

monday they went to dan nichols park (where we went camping w/ the boy scouts last fall). they have gem mining there, a little zoo, huge playground, water fountain/park thingy and a mini-train and carousel. they had a big day of it. while i was at work.

today the hubs had meetings most of the day so i attempted to work at home. then we were going to the local lake to paddle boat, but events of the morning transpired to nix that. first i had technical difficulties most of the morning. sometimes i could check work email on my laptop, others not so i was working back and forth between the computers. it was horrid. then i made the mistake of actually asking my dear sweat children to clean the hellholes they call bedrooms. the attitudes ensued. they fought with each other; the girl fought w/ me. it was an ugly, ugly time. a time that made me realize that if i did indeed ever have a job where i worked at home i would probably harm someone. so, because of the bad morning i nixed the fun afternoon. probably too hasty w/ that punishment but i was fried by that time.

this evening we did a tinie bit more school shopping. we haven't really started on the girl's clothes since she has a dress code this year and at her orientation thursday we'll see a "fashion show" of what she can wear. we did, however, buy bras. she has been wearing (and needing) training bras for about a year now. these were those bras that are really just tankini type tops that slip over your head. no hooks, etc. tonight we got "real" bras. they are slightly padded. they have hooks. the girl is SO incredibly excited to have moved up to REAL bras. the hubs is beside himself.

i got a wireless mouse! omg, i love it. a week or so ago i picked up a mouse for the laptop because i really, really don't have the dexterity for that pad thing. the first mouse i got was the wrong kind, i didn't know there were kinds. anyway, the hubs picked up this wireless one tonight and it rocks.

i have come to realize that towards the end of summer we fall apart. it's usually after my last summer trip and before my last trip of the year (coming up). we lose control of the house and yard and the hubs and i are so burnt out and fried that we get little done. i feel (and i think he does too) out of sorts when things are in such chaos. plus we haven't seen my bro and his family forever it seems. tonight i mentioned to the hubs that after this upcoming trip i'd like to see if the sil and bro will let us keep gameboy and puddin for the night : (hint hint SIL) the girl overheard this and is now all over the prospect of babysitting. she and the boy have decided the things they want to teach puddin as she grows up. the boy said, mom, you and the girl and the SIL can teach puddin how to be a lady and i'll teach her to play video games. i said i figure gameboy (her bro) will teach her that. so the girl said she wants to teach her to sing, knit and do crafts. the boy wants to teach her to play video games, how to draw and how to be a boy. : ) he he he


Susiewearsthepants said...

My youngest daughter always acts like I have sentenced her to a life of torture if I ask her to clean her room. Her idea of cleaning is to clear a space on the floor. I got burnt out by the time school started myself. I was so over the whole summer break thing too.

Astarte said...

The last week of summer is rough for us, too. Between the kids being excited about school, bored with me, bored with the house, and me being tired of them, their mess, and the HEAT, we're all about cooked. You know when you're bored with the pool, it's time to move on.

SWTP - my daughter had massive temper fits until she was about seven years old about picking up in her room. It was terrible. I mean, screaming, crying, hiding under her pillows, the whole thing. Ugh.

creative kerfuffle said...

the girl went thru the screaming/fit thing too. now it's just attitude from both of them. the girl (11) has gotten SOME better, but the boy (8) does not understand what clean is. empty space on the floor--that's clean to him. i really am not anal about their rooms, but just once i'd love to see them actually clean!