Friday, August 8, 2008

if i had a million dollars...

i'd buy a silk balloon
and drift above the countryside
each summer afternoon...

i can't remember the author but it's one of the few poems that sticks in my head. i envy people who can understand and quote poetry.

it is friday and it could not have come any sooner. i'm getting that panicked feeling again with work--so much to do, so little time, yet here i am blogging rather than working. oy vey.

i told you about the speeding ticket i got a few weeks ago right? well, monday (i think) i either need to pay it or fight it. the hubs is going w/ me to fight it. i'm nervous about that.

then there's the whole birthday thing looming. last year the hubs blew me away with a surprise birthday party. i'd never, ever had one and it was incredible and he was awesome, etc. things have been super hectic this summer (as they seem to be all the time for us) and my birthday is around the corner (his is four days before mine) and he is trying to figure out what i want to do this year. i have no idea. the house is a wreck and we haven't given it the attention it needs so the idea of throwing a party just seems like a lot of work. our laptops are our birthday presents, which is a good thing. but the celebration itself, i just don't know.

last night we went to an end of summer open house at the daycare. they sang songs they'd learned this summer and did a little skit. i must say, my kids need to be in drama. they're awesome. really. the girl said they'd only practiced once and the boy was asked right before the thing started to stand in for someone else (he'd not even had the one practice). later the hubs asked if i thought we had exceptional children. and i'm not bragging or taking any credit for this because i honestly think it is genetic, but really we lucked out in the cool kids department. seeing as how i'm prejudiced against stupid people it's a good thing both of my kids are smart. and not just marginally smart, they're intelligent. they each have different talents but they're quick and full of humor and i see them both as being great performers. the girl could totally be an actress; the boy? stand up comedy.

ok, i'm seriously going to get to work now.


Kristin.... said...

Oooh, a laptop. Drooling. sigh.

I love going to the kids school things. Even Drew's little preschool puts on a Christmas show (songs) and I cry like a baby. sap.

creative kerfuffle said...

the school things are cool but i'm always waiting for the other kids to get done just so i can watch mine : ) he he