Tuesday, August 19, 2008

tag i'm it

kristn tagged me : ) whohoo

Finish the sentence.

Maybe I should buckle down and CLEAN my house.

I love the smell of coffee, bonfires, gas, puppy breath, babies, markers and lemony scented lotions/candles.

People would say that I i have a dirty mind.

I don’t understand why cats actually get clean by licking themselves.

I lost my virginity in high school.

Life is sometimes overwhelmingly hectic, but i am where i'm supposed to be.

My past is riddled with bad decisions i hope my kids don't also make.

I get annoyed too easily sometimes.

My idea of a good time is varies depending on my mood.

I wish i had more self confidence.

Twins are something i thought would be cool to have until i actually had kids. then i realized there's no way in hell i could have done it.

Dust bunnies hold family reunions at my house and invite their cousins, the dog hares.

Tomorrow I’m going to go to work while the hubs and kids hang out. i'm jealous.

I have low tolerance for my sister.

I’m totally terrified of the hubs dying; screwing up my kids; down escalators and suffocating.

I wonder why grape/blueberry/cherry flavored things taste NOTHING like the fruit.

Never in my life have I...uh, nope, did that, uh,....hmmm...bungee jumped.

High school was an incredible time in my life; i met the hubs; i lived in germany and i started becoming (though it would take much more time) my own person.

When I’m nervous in front of a crowd i talk fast and probably say um too much; when i'm nervous in a small group i tend to say nothing.

One time at a family gathering my dad pulled out a bag of sanitary pads and asked if they were mine; it was in a room filled w/ all my uncles; i had JUST started my period for the first time; i was in middle school.

Take my advice: even though the grass may SEEM greener on the other side, it's probably just astroturf.

Taking a good picture isn't as important to me as capturing the moment.

I’m almost always late. i can't help it. this does not mean i don't respect you or any psycho babble like that--i am just that unorganized or prepared.

I’m addicted to blogging, coffee and herbs

I want someone to pay me to blog and write books for a living.

i tag broad, trish, astarte, and sue. for those of you w/out blogs who read this--email me your answers : )


Kristin.... said...

Down escalators~me too!

creative kerfuffle said...

k--i swear i think we may have been separated at birth. oh wait--i'm older : )
astarte--uh, no, she didn't say a word. that was her standard modis operandi--turn a blind eye to whatever he did.