Tuesday, August 12, 2008

please just put me out of my misery

since 10pm saturday night i have been battling a sinus infection. on the way to my parents' house saturday i felt the signs, tickling in my throat, slight cough, watery eyes; i took an OTC sinus pill. no luck. the pressure kept building and i went to bed at 10pm.

sunday i was down for the count. really, i haven't felt so wretched w/ a sinus infection in years. weak, chilled, delirious. oh, and of the possibly 60 minutes i was awake the whole day i was a total bitch to the hubs. yeah, i'm so fun to live with.

monday i dragged (or drug?) myself to the doctor. my doc was out sick so i saw this new guy. i waited forever. really, i thought i was going to fall asleep in the exam room. i debated about crawling up on the table and lying down. so we do the exam, yada yada and he starts writing prescriptions. an inhaler, cough syrup w/ codeine and a zpac. hallelujah! then, the dumb ass tells me, so i'm giving you this prescription for an antibiotic, but wait a few days to get it filled. let the infection run its course and maybe it will clear up w/out the antibiotics because you know the more antibiotics you take the more immune your body gets to them. uh, yeah dude, i know that. i just shook my head in agreement and rushed to the drug store, got that puppy filled and started my zpac immediately. wtf? like i'm going to feel like death for two more days before i even START medicine? fuck no.

if you are one of those people who doesn't believe in medicine or who'd rather take a homeopathic course, good for you. everyone is free to choose. but for me, give me drugs and the faster they work the better. i don't use a lot of prescription medications. once a year i end up w/ a shot for poison ivy and once or twice a year i get a killer sinus infection. that's pretty much it for me. so bring on the meds.

today i am feeling somewhat better but still not peachy keen. since saturday i've had that uncontrolled runny nose. you know the one where it just runs, free will and all, at the drop of a hat? you can't control it. i just want to stuff kleenex up my nose (or maybe a tampon) and call it a day. it's not as bad today, thank god cos i'm at work, but sunday and monday? lord. it was gross.


Astarte said...

I've thought about shoving a tampon up my nose, too!!!! Wouldn't THAT be a funny shot! Sinus infections suck. The only thing worse is a UTI. I say, drugs, ahoy! There are things I'm willing to put up with, like a sore throat, etc, and things I'm not, like killer pain in my FACE.

creative kerfuffle said...

ohhh, maybe if we invented some sort of nasal plug we could sell it to a huge company, make a ton of money and be set for life : )