Saturday, August 2, 2008

notes from the plane

flying out to vegas sunday i finally got the full effect (or is it affect, i always confuse the two, you'd think i should know better, but i don't) of my mp3 player.

first, going out there was a surreal experience. at the airport i ran into two people i worked with at the job i left to come to my current company. one is the president and the other was a co-worker. the president is an incompetent, pompous, male chauvinist ass who has been disgustingly nice to me since i left, mostly because of where i now work. i hated that man. the last straw, and the final thing that sent me out the door was when he asked me, after we'd redesigned our magazine, if we had any MEN look over the design. ok, so they were on the plane. then sitting in my very row was a woman i'd worked with before THAT job. so bizarre. i guess it's not really that weird cos we're all in the same industry, but running into people like that always seems strange to me.

and a couple other things before i share my notes from the plane. i told you i had to give a presentation right? well, i didn't realize how much they were marketing it. they always post stuff about all the seminars in fliers etc. but when i got there there were vinyl clings on the elevators and in the area where i was giving the presentation w/ my picture on it. stepping into an elevator that has your picture on it is weird. freaky weird. i have never, ever, liked the...exposure? that comes w/ my job. i'm a writer, i like being behind the scenes. i don't like being out there. it was disconcerting. the first day there some of my vendor friends who had showrooms in the area where i was giving the presentation asked if i was going incognito (since i'm sporting these new, nerdy glasses).

the presentation itself actually went really well. even at 8:30 am in vegas i had about 15-20 people there, though most of them were people i knew. the night before i wrote all my notes in long hand and dammit if i didn't even use them. at one point during the seminar i felt like i was looking down on myself and i thought, holy shit, she's actually talking like she knows what the hell she's talking about. i even answered questions and everything. very weird.

ok--and one more thing (hey, i made a pot of coffee at 8:30 tonight, can you tell???)--last night i had a dream that i had a baby girl with curly blond hair. yeah, i know, freaky huh? some of you know the thing about me and baby dreams. both times i was pregnant i dreamt it before hand. i've also done this w/ two different co-workers, down to the point where one's wife was pregnant w/ twins. of course this cannot be true (i've been spayed) but...i can't help but have that sticking in the back of my head.

on to the notes. no lie, i totally jammed out to my mp3 player on the way out to vegas. i was fucking lip syncing the whole flight and probably dancing in my seat. i wrote notes on my napkin--here they are:

*blister in the sun---very hard to dance to
*how can you hear dave matthews sing crash into me and not want to have sex?
*i'd forgotten how much i heart (yes, i drew the heart) phil collins
*rick springfield--do you remember working class dog? daddy's pearl? dude had some cheesy songs even though he was HOT
*remember the song beth from kiss? it's the only time i liked them--peter criss, the cat
*why is that who song called baba o'riley?
*having an mp3 player on the plane is tough cos i wanna sing out loud!
*i'm gonna crank it up and dance in my room (i didn't)
*there are newlyweds on the plane--how could i tell? she had hair/toes/nails that were "wedding done" you know the look i'm talking about and she was hanging on him like a school girl.

and no, i didn't drink on the plane.

on the way back--nothing. i didn't listen or read or anything. i conked out before the plane even taxied off the runway.


Kristin.... said...

Welcome back!

My husband saw a business colleague of his on our plane to ITALY. WTF? Can't we go anywhere without him knowing someone?

I hate to fly

broad minded said...

blister in the sun is more a song you shout along to than dance to, but it is a damn fine punk tune. these kids today don't know what punk is.

and yes i just said these kids today, how old am i????

creative kerfuffle said...

K--it seems everywhere we go the hubs runs into a work person (though we haven't been to italy!)
broad--you are right about blister in the sun : ) these kids today--lol. yeah, you are SOO ancient.