Monday, August 25, 2008

mid-day meme

here's a meme cos i got up at 5:30 and i've been writing/working/proofing pages forever today and my brain is fried and i'm tired : )

A. Attached or single? attached. in october it will be 16 yrs.

B. Best friend? the hubs (seriously. i have several VERY good friends, but he's the one)

C. Cake or pie? mmm, depends on the mood. hot pie is yummy and i love the crust.

D. Day of Choice? preferably the days when i'm not at work.

E. Essential Item? though i hate it i'll say cell phone cos i want the hubs/kids to be able to reach me anytime anywhere.

F. Favorite Color? green

G. Gummy Bears or Worms? i'm picky w/ the bears--have to be real german gummi's (haribo); also like the worms, cherries, smurfs and coke bottles.

H. Hometown? bfe west-by-god-virginia : )

I. Indulgences? starbucks

J. January or July? january (i hate hot), plus the girl was born in jan.

K. Kids? 11 year old girl/8 year old boy

L. Life isn't complete without? coffee

M. Marriage Date? october 17 (hallmark has since named this sweetest day; but we picked it cos it's the date of our very first real date oh so many moons ago)

N. Number of Brothers & Sister? one of each; i'm the oldest, six years later came the bro and six years later came the devil spawn, i mean our sister

O. Oranges or Apples? i dig both actually

P. Phobias? hmmm, is there a phobia for suffocating or down escalators? if so--i gots it

Q. Quotes? ah--i collect them. i have thousands. here's one: Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia. ~E.L. Doctorow

R. Reasons to smile? seeing my niece puddin laughing and cooing yesterday

S. Season of Choice? fall

T. Tag Peeps: those of you who want to : )

U. Unknown facts about me? 3rd grade was a rough year for me; my dad was on an unaccompanied tour in korea so we lived with my grandparents that year; i threw up in school (the one and only time)--it was orange juice; i stapled my finger in art class and my mom took me to a shrink cos i hated my brother : )

V. Vegetables? asparagus; green beans

W. Worst Habits? smoking and procrastinating

X. X-ray or Ultrasound? since i'm not in the baby having stage anymore i'll take x-rays

Y. Your Favorite food? just one? really? hmmm, i'll say cheese.

Z. Zodiac sign? virgo


Kristin.... said...

Excellent. Still so many ways we're alike. :)

Astarte said...

Ohhh, your FINGER!!! OUCH!!!

I love reading things like this. :) And I'm with you on the Starbucks, all the way. When we moved to this podunk town, there wasn't one, and I thought I was going to DIE. Now there are two that both just opened, and one of them is in a renovated farmhouse. Awesome.